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One day in February of this year, we received an email with the greatest subject line of all time: “DAYUMM”. Of course this immediately piqued our interest, and inside we found a lovely email from Greg, co-founder of SpinDr with his wife Jamie. Greg stumbled across some of our design work on Dribbble, and was impressed enough to reach out to help them with some branding and packaging work.

SpinDr Logo Photo Overlay Header

SpinDr is a training product for softball pitchers. Specifically, it allows them to master different spin techniques with immediate visual feedback. SpinDr already had a logo developed and printed on thousands of products, but they wanted to refresh and expand the rest of the brand, and they needed to develop packaging for the SpinDr as they prepared to take it to retail for the first time.

While we couldn’t change the logo, we did reimagine it a bit, perfecting a few of the details and removing the outline in favor of simplicity and strength with added contrast. Next we started to extend the brand. We introduced a language of textured lines, arrows, and circles, referencing a coach drawing on a chalkboard and the texture of dirt infield. A mix of subtle and bold colors and the wonderfully versatile Roc Grotesk give us flexibility and control over hierarchy and focus throughout the brand applications.

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Jamie has an incredible energy for teaching and helping softball players. From the fantastic training tool of SpinDr, to a weekly podcast, to virtual coaching and extensive programs, we had a few sub-brands to work on. We used our flexible font options, cohesive colors, and our textured graphic elements to create a set of logos that are functional on their own, work well together, and still reference the main brand.

SpinDr Weekly Dose Podcast Branding