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When our search for an office space for our studio led us to Connex, we couldn't have been happier. It's an awesome building in a growing Fort Worth neighborhood, and we also got to meet Jie Melchiors, founder of Connex, who was an amazing resource to us as we moved in and set up shop. As we talked to her and explained our company, we realized there was an opportunity to work together. Jie is also a co-owner of Hulala Home, a furniture distributor looking to increase their direct sales with a brand refresh.

Hulala Home Logo Header

Hulala didn't feel that their existing branding matched the quality of their produces, feeling a bit cheap and unrefined. Our goal was to create a classy and professional presence that positioned Hulala clearly in-between giant retailers and small boutiques.

We worked with Hulala to build a moodboard leaning on modernized art-deco influences, updated to be more approachable, but maintaining the luxury and glamour of that influence. For the logo, we settled on a custom wordmark with dynamic line-weights, angled crossbars, and a rhythmic set of "lala" pairs, which help close up some awkward spacing issue and also give a hint of personality and musicality to the word. For an icon, we took the H and put it in a simple oval with matching line weights. This gave us a nice tag that referenced the logo in shorthand and looked great at small sizes, on images, and even on literal tags.

Branching out from there, we created a modular set of furniture illustrations. Hinting at some of the lines and curves of the logo, we kept to a minimal monoline style for ultimate usability, and envisioned some miniature room setups that could be used to label products or in website navigation.

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