Jesse MacKenzie and Hannah Smith of Trust Design Shop

Nice to meet you

We’re Trust Design Shop. We grew out of the creative team at Trust Printshop, a wonderful screenprinting shop in Ft. Worth, Texas. Jesse and Hannah brought design school training, freelance, and agency experience to TP, developing the brand and systems of the shop, while creating beautiful merch designs for print customers.

Over time, design requests from our customers began to build and expand beyond what fit in the printshop environment, so we decided to take on a new challenge. We started Trust Design Shop, an independent design studio built to take on creative work of all kinds, with the same heart and soul that made TP a successful and beloved printshop.

Trust Design Shop operates out of Connex FW, a coworking space built out of shipping containers in the heart of Fort Worth.

1201 Evans Avenue, Suite 305
Fort Worth, Texas, 76104
Hours: You should probably just call before you show up.

Hannah Smith, Creative Director

Hannah Smith

Partner / Creative Director

Designer, illustration master, soundtrack supervisor.

Jesse MacKenzie, Creative Director

Jesse MacKenzie

Partner / Creative Director

Designer, webmaster, writer, jack-of-all-trades, strength coach / muscle advisor.

Born in Ohio, and raised in Texas, Jesse enjoys rock climbing, weightlifting, good movies, very bad movies, and taking it easy with his wife and two giant balls of fur claiming to be dogs.