BEX Sunglasses

BEX initially approached our friends at Trust Printshop, looking to get a large number of shirts designed and printed. TP redirected them over to us, and we talked through their needs. We settled on an ambitious and exciting project, 18 unique shirt designs built on the foundation of the existing BEX brand, but pushing into new and exciting directions.

Bex Sunglasses Header Collage

BEX is an up and coming eye-wear brand, specializing in lightweight eye-wear built to stay put no matter what activity you’re doing in them. They are favored by performance, outdoor, active, and lifestyle customers.

We took our inspiration from the adventurers who enjoy BEX: the cowboys, bikers, climbers, and backpackers. We focused on the outdoors (the place with the sun, which is the best place to use sunglasses in our opinion), and developed a couple of taglines from BEX’s website and marketing that could tie the designs together, even as we explored a few different styles and subjects.

  • - Strategy
  • - Merch Design
Bex Sunglasses Stay On CollageBex Sunglasses Live in your Element DesignBex Sunglasses Western Badge DesignBex Sunglasses Full Color Desert Badge DesignBex Sunglasses Topographic Logo DesignBex Sunglasses Pennant DesignBex Sunglasses Cactus DesignBex Sunglasses Stay On Text DesignBex Sunglasses Stay On Cactus DesignBex Sunglasses Desert Badge IllustrationBex Sunglasses Desert Logo DesignBex Sunglasses Textured Logo DesignBex Sunglasses Horse Illustration Design