OcularPop Film Co.

Hannah has been friends with Kristin and Austin for a few years, and was so excited to witness them launch their dream business, OcularPop. Like a lot of small businesses, they started with a homemade brand to get off the ground, but when it was time to upgrade, they came to us!

OcularPop FilmGuy Mascot Sticker Pile Mockup

OcularPop is a husband & wife video production team in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. They produce wedding films, music videos, interviews, promotions, and more (and they are amazing photographers).

Our goal was to create a mark for them that was eye-catching and stood out in the sea of videographers working in the wedding industry. Kristin and Austin’s personal style is bold and exciting, and we wanted their personality to show through, while still giving them opportunity to highlight their work for clients. The primary logo is clean, professional, and hints at late 90s editorial typography. To go along with it, we developed an interlocking eye icon that made the company name literal. The next biggest piece of branding was two moving, living gradients that informed our color palette and created a background and a vibe for everything that came after.

OcularPop Badge PatternOcularPop Brand Guidelines 3D Mockup
OcularPop Video Overlay Border