Let Live Pickleball

Let Live came to us looking to create something different in the pickleball space. A brand focused on community, togetherness and inclusivity, pushing back against the country club atmosphere of a lot of their competitors.

Let Live is a new brand partnering with amazing artists to create beautiful and functional pickleball paddles, with an eye to expand in the future to pickleball apparel and even other sports. Honoring their inclusive, approachable ethos, we created a fun, energetic brand full of personality and color. Built around a quirky piece of custom type, we realized that the Ls looked a bit like a nose and eye, and then it was off to the races.

  • - Strategy
  • - Branding
  • - Brand Applications
  • - Website Design
  • - Social Campaign Design
  • - Packaging Design

The first batch of paddles was already in production when we joined, featuring artwork by the amazing Lively Scout. Knowing that there will be future collaborations with other artists, we didn't want to make the brand to specific to this collection of paddles, but we did still take a lot of inspiration from their energy and color.

Once we had the logo and the vibe established, we dug deep into the brand voice and messaging. We created a large set of taglines and phrases that became stickers and badges throughout the rest of the brand. We also highlighted a couple of them as "mission statements" to go on packaging, social media, and hypothetical future beachside billboards. To round things out, Hannah took our L-smiley face and turned him into one of her classic little guys, full of joy and energy as he runs, jumps, and slams his way to pickleball glory. He doesn't have a name yet, but if you have any suggestions, go ahead and comment on the Let Live instagram and let them know. We also took this opportunity to add a little bit of texture to the otherwise bold, solid brand, which brings a little added warmth and humanity to the proceedings.

The Website

Once the brand was wrapped up, it was time to move to the website. We built a fully custom Shopify home page, taking full advantage of our color palette, our taglines and brand voice, and our fun little energetic visuals to create an engaging and friendly web experience. The palette really shines here, with the deep dark green immediately putting you in a warm, cozy mood before introducing to the rest of the fun, energetic brand. If you're a pickleball player without a paddle of your own, or if you want to add to your collection, I don't think you're gonna find a cooler option.