We’ve known Hometeam for a while. First at the printshop and then as one of our studio’s first clients. They took a chance on us when we hadn’t even finished branding ourselves, and we’ve been able to do some incredible work together the past year. In late 2022 we began the process of a full rebrand.

Hometeam is a global video production company with a groundbreaking model. Instead of sending crews across the country or across the world, they source and manage a worldwide network of filmmakers, giving brands and artists access to great local crews anywhere they want to shoot. They have accessed this network to film contestant packages for The Voice, ad and documentary content for Google across 5 continents, a single-day shoot across 36 cities in 28 countries for Starbucks, and many other incredible projects.

As we started the branding project, we talked to family and friends about doing work for this awesome brand called Hometeam. Everyone commented on how brilliant the name is. The promise of a "local home team" to every project, all over the world. We wanted the brand to communicate this promise clearly and confidently. So we looked to sports.

Not the spiky futuristic Nike-inspired sports branding, but the scarves, flags, and banners filling college football bleachers and European soccer stadiums. Where nothing but a color or a pattern can bring strangers together, unified in goals, history, and camaraderie.

Featured on Brand New!

"The highlight of the project for me are all the various badges created, only a few of which are shown in the images above but if you click through Hometeam’s website you’ll find many more."

"All of the layout and compositions presented are actually great and are some of the most energetic and nuanced type-based layouts to come through Brand New this year."

"Overall, a very slick system that makes Hometeam look extremely polished and professional, making it easy to trust them with the details of the production no matter how remote you or them are from the action."

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  • - Deck Design

Starting with a great logo designed by Butler, we pulled out a simple pennant icon that gave us a flexible and quickly recognizable brand piece. From there, we developed a unique and bold color palette, with a not-quite-black, a not-quite-white, and a strong orange leading the charge. Warm, faded colors might not seem like an instant match for a modern digital video company, but our focus was on who Hometeam are, not on what they do.

Once we had our logo, icon, and palette, we worked with the Hometeam team to develop a set of brand phrases and taglines; expressing the values and the unique capabilities of their global filmmaker network. We turned some of these into badges, which led the way into stickers, posters, and the website design.

When it came time to display the work itself, we wanted to find a solution that would express the look and feel of a video project in a static format. We landed on a great approach, using collage to show multiple featured frames at once, allowing us to express the look and feel of a project all in one frame without animation or video. It also brings a wonderful hand-made, human side to the brand, like a scrapbook or memory book of all of Hometeam's amazing shoots.

Once we had this style defined, we also applied it to some behind the scenes and crew photography. We shifted the BTS photos into greyscale to help maintain cohesiveness no matter where or how they get to us. The scrapbook idea is even stronger here, bringing crews and filmmakers from all over the world under one brand and one family.